Terms & Conditions

In order to engage in our services, please ensure you have read and understood the following.

Payment Terms

  • We require a deposit upfront of 50% of the total fee outlined in your approved quote.
  • We can commence work on your website once the deposit has been paid.
  • Our invoicing terms are 7 Days from completion for the remainder of the bill.
  • Any overdue accounts will incur a 10% late payment fee.

Cancellation of your Project

If for any reason you need to cancel the development of your website once the work has commenced the 50% deposit is nonrefundable.

What we need from you

Website design is a collaborative effort. This means that in order to begin we need the following from you:
All logos, branding, images, and other information required to complete your website. Anything you wish to see online must be available to us from the start.

When providing us with content for your website (photos, text, logos, etc) you are required to ensure they have the appropriate copyright approval for the use of the material. Please ensure you have purchased royalty-free media or provided your own to ensure you are rightfully licensed to use it on your website and avoid any legal ramifications in the future.

When providing images or photographs for the website, please ensure you provide high-resolution images in JPEG, TIFF or PSD format. This is essential in ensuring you have a high-quality end product.


Please ensure you are available to promptly respond to our requests for feedback and approval of design concepts as well as any additional information we may need along the way.
This will be requested by email.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

We test our websites on all popular small-screen devices before going live to ensure they are mobile-friendly. If you have a particular device or browser you wish for us to test during this process, please let us know.

Completion of your Website

Upon receipt of the final payment, the website’s structure, design, and content is owned by and is the intellectual property of the client. We ask that we may use your website as an example of our work to show future clients what we can do. If you object to this please let us know in advance.

Once the website has been approved and handed over to our client, Redwood web design is not liable for any damage or loss of information on a client’s website. We encourage our clients to be careful when editing or deleting pages and its content as it is easy to permanently lose information. Redwood web design is also not liable for any content that is displayed on your website.